We’re Not in China Anymore…

…Just kidding, kind of! This week we spent Monday and Tuesday in Hong Kong, a special administrative region which acts autonomously.  It is still technically part of China, but you’re required to go through customs and get exit and entry stamps in your passport.  I know, we don’t get it either.  We didn’t have much time to explore – the main purpose of our visit was to fix our visas – but what time we did have we absolutely loved!

Hong Kong reminded me of New York.  All of the people, stores, and restaurants reflect the many cultures that have been drawn to make it their home over the past several centuries.  There were Thai massage parlors and Turkish convenience stores around every corner, huge shopping centers filled with Armani, Gucci, and Tiffany next to street-long marketplaces overflowing with cheap trinkets, and everything from seafood to Indian to burgers in the way of cuisine.  We took full advantage of our short break from the flaming hot spiciness of Sinan’s food and even got to stock up on a few groceries we know we will soon miss!

Aside from the food, our highlights in Hong Kong were the view from Victoria Peak during the day and the skyline at night from the waterfront.  Even though it was slightly cloudy on the day we went up the Peak, the views were impressive.  And at night, the skyline becomes truly spectacular!  We’ve decided that China at night really is like Disneyland.   Something new and bizarre catches your attention at every corner!  After checking out the night skyline from the ferry building, we wandered into a mall that spread across several blocks with multiple levels and all the highest-end designers.  When we exited onto the street, we found fire dancers and street singers.  A little beyond this, there was an outdoor plaza with a spiral staircase leading up to a huge live tree that was part of an elevated garden walkway.  Go a bit farther and you’ll hit a traditional British pub with rugby on TV!  We had a great time exploring and were a little sad to say goodbye to the diversity of Hong Kong.

After a 13+ hour trip back by metro, high speed train, city bus, and long distance bus we got back to Sinan late Wednesday.  To give an idea on what the three cities have been like:

  •  Sinan – the mother who can trace her roots generations long and likes to follow the traditions of her heritage, but is open to learning a few new things in the future.
  • Yangshuo – a teenager who’s gone out experimenting and picked up some different habits, but still looks and acts kind of like his parents.
  • Hong Kong – the funky cousin who’s got some weird, kind of awkward relatives and has a fun time doing their own thing.

With how different our limited trips have been, we can’t wait to get the chance to see more of China in the future. For now, we’re enjoying Sinan and will share more on it and our teaching experiences in a later post!  💞

Hong Kong in 2 days Our Quarter Life Adventure

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  1. Hi, glad your Dad sent us the link to you! Your pictures are fantastic and so is the commentary! Thank you . We are learning all kinds of new things . Grandpa and Grandma S

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