Yangshuo: Airlock into China

Edit: In the 10 months we lived in China, we traveled a lot and realized how hard it is to find accurate, detailed information online.  While this blog was originally intended to keep friends and family up-to-date and is often conversational in tone, I’ve decided to go back and add more in-depth information for those planning their own trip!  If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot us a message!

Time moves at a different speed in China. It’s like you’ve gotten thrown into a weird alternate dimension that throws you back and forth in time, sometimes feeling like it’s been two months and other times two days. In reality, we’ve been here for about two weeks.  We’ve gotten bizarrely adjusted to being constantly surrounded by an unrecognizable language and different looking everything, but each day we still encounter some small new adjustment that throws us for a loop and reminds us that we’ve only just started this adventure.

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